The Journey: A Prelude

While searching for a quote that is not only great advice, but also inspirational, I discovered someone that is amazing.  The criteria for my quote were:

  1. A quote from a woman
  2. Not an obvious quote like one from Marilyn Monroe (while I do admire her, it is a bit overdone don’t you think?)
  3. Inspirational
  4. Deep
  5. Empowering

Well… not so long story cut very short, I got it.

I soon realized that no journey carries one far unless, as it extends into the world around us, it goes an equal distance into the world within.

-Lillian Smith

What I really love about this quote, other than the message, is the woman herself.  I wanted to look up this person to see who see is…. was.  I thought to myself “this name is fairly common, I’m not going to find anything significant”. Boy was I wrong!

Two women popped up. One went head to head with Annie Oakley. The one quoted, was an author in the south born after the Civil War and lived during the Civil Rights movement.  I mean shooting guns with Annie Oakley is cool and all..but hell this lady stuck it to people. She, a white woman, wrote about interracial romance and race relation. One book became a movie in 1979! Strange Fruit was nominated for an Academy Award.  Some say she may have been a catalyst to the civil rights movement with her 1949 book Killers of the Dream. How ’bout that?!

The things I find sometimes really blows me away.


Any who…

My goal in life is to continuously grow and improve. To be bold and stand up for what I believe in. Like Ms. Lillian Smith. I mean, she could have said Fuck it, no one will read this! A good thing she kept on keeping on.

Growth can be scary! My comfort zone is there for a reason. I like it. Which is why this blog exists! My introverted self keeps private and shares very little.

I want to change that.

This is my place to share what I do for self-improvement, to push out of my comfort zone, and to live my life fully and freely- the way I want my (and my husband-he has a say too!) life to look…which goes against so many societal norms.

To happiness!



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